How to Block Calls on an Android Smartphone

Block Calls on an Android Smartphone

How to Block Calls on an Android Smartphone

You may be considering blocking calls on your phone for a variety of reasons. The most common scenario is the continuous reception of advertising calls. If you want to stop receiving unwanted calls, pay attention to the advice we give you in this article.

Block Calls on an Android Smartphone

Block calls on Android without apps

The first method to block calls that we recommend is to use the native application of your device. Depending on the manufacturer the process may change slightly. However, the steps to follow are usually very similar.

  • To block a call, go to the call history by clicking on Recents. In this section, you will find the easiest way to block specific calls.
  • Make a long press on the incoming call (you can also do it with the outgoing and the missed calls) to open the menu. Then, click on Block number.
  • Confirm the block by tapping on Block.
  • Additionally, it is possible to block specific numbers. To do this, go to the phone app settings and tap on Blocked numbers.
  • Use the Add number button to add a new number to the block list.
  • After entering the number in the text field, the block will be in effect. In this list, you can also check the blocked calls from the Recents section. After taking these steps, you will no longer receive calls from that specific number.

Block calls on Android with apps

In addition to the native application of your device, you can use various tools that will provide you with additional functions. Here are some of them.

block spam calls on Android


Truecaller is one of the most effective applications when it comes to blocking calls. In addition, it allows you to identify even those numbers that are not registered in your phonebook. After installing and setting it as the default calling app, you will need to enter your number. You will receive a call to confirm that it is a real number.

After completing the initial setup, you will access the call log. Make a long press on any of the entries and, in the three-dot menu, select Block. Once this is done, calls from that number will no longer bother you.

Clever Dialer

In much the same way, Clever Dialer can help you block calls quickly and easily. Again, you need to set this tool as the default application to manage your calls. So, open the lock tab.

  • Select the Blocklist option.
  • Click on the + (plus) symbol and choose an option. If it’s about blocking incoming calls, go for the Phone number from the call log. So you can choose a number from the call log.
  • Click on the call to apply the restriction.
  • Finally, you will have blocked the call on your Android device.
hotstar for pc

Download Hotstar APK for Free

Hotstar is a live streaming app that lets you watch your favorite TV shows, movies, sports & live news on the go. Now, just like many Indians, if you are also a cricket fan then you can download Disney+ Hotstar on your device to watch the IPL matches live. Hotstar is available on the Google Play Store for Android mobiles and the App store for Apple mobiles. For Windows, Mac, and Tablet versions it is available on You can access the hotstar app download from any device.

hotstar for pc

Hotstar is the Indian largest and one of the best online streaming platforms where you can watch movies. Also, you can watch TV shows, live cricket matches, and many other things. Maybe you think it is Hotstar free on pc? Yes, it is completely free to use. But there is also some content, and if you want to view that content you must buy a premium plan of the Hotstar.

How to download the Hotstar app? Is it free for Android mobiles?

The Hotstar app is available for download on Android and Android TV, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV. In the US and Canada, it’s also available as a channel on Roku. Use the respective links or search for ‘Hotstar’ in the Play Store, App Store, Amazon Store, or Roku Channel Store.

App Features

Here below I share some best features of this app and how Hotstar different from any other online streaming app.

Let’s get started discussing some best features of this app.

  • The first and foremost feature of Hotstar pc you will get if you are using jio internet then you can watch IPL and World Cup cricket free on the app.
  • In Hotstar you will find unlimited access to Bollywood movies, some are free, and some are premium.
  • Also, there are many Hollywood movies available on the Hotstar app.
  • Another great feature of Hotstar is you can easily watch all content on his official website you don’t need to download an app.
  • Same as youtube in this app you can also select video quality according to your internet speed and even auto mode available here.
  • So, these are some best features of the hotstar windows app, and hope you found some interest in these features.


  • Presents content in a multitude of different languages
  • Offers a huge digital database for streaming shows and movies
  • Delivers regular updates with the latest episodes and exclusive advance screenings
  • Concise and streamlined presentation for easy browsing and viewing on Android


  • Does not support video downloading or any form of offline playback
  • Lag is a notable issue during some live-streams
  • High-profile sports events may crash the app
  • Videos have to be selected individually since there is no playlist feature
Merge Multiple PDF Files

How to Merge Multiple PDF Files Together Online

The PDF format is one of the most popular when dealing with business or study documents; therefore you will surely have encountered this type of extension at least once, perhaps in the office or in a university environment.

Merge Multiple PDF Files

It then happens that you have to edit a PDF, for example, to convert a PDF into Word format, unprotect a PDF, compress a PDF or merge multiple PDFs thus creating a single file; it is a very requested operation, and that often the most famous programs do not allow to carry out.

So let’s find out how to merge multiple PDFs online, in such a way as to carry out everything quickly and without having to resort to additional tools or apps to install on your devices.

iLovePDF PDF to Merge PDFs Online

One of the best sites online to merge PDFs is iLovePDF; it is a platform that allows you to manage your PDFs in a very complete way, allowing many operations, including creating PDFs from images, splitting PDFs, converting documents into images, and much more.

Obviously, there is the possibility of merging multiple PDFs, an operation that is already visible on the homepage under the relative item Merge PDF; then all that remains is to upload your documents (even from cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox), wait for the operation and then save the new file.
iLovePDF is a free platform, but by signing up for the premium plan you will have access to exclusive features such as having access to the history of uploaded documents and other interesting features.

Smallpdf – Website to Merge 2 or more PDFs

Another very valid service for joining multiple PDF files online is Smallpdf, which allows you to quickly and intuitively compress into a single PDF file.
In fact, the operation simply involves connecting to the site, uploading the documents following the click on the Choose file button (also from cloud services), click on Merge PDF after establishing the order, and finally wait for the outcome of the function.

Hipdf – Merge, Split, Convert PDF files Directly Online

Finally, I would like to point out Hipdf, another convenient service for managing your documents.
It is a really intuitive platform, and the operation is practically similar to that seen for the previous sites; in fact, just click on Select file loading the documents, wait for the operation and then save everything to the path that suits you best.

Merge PDF Online

It should also be noted that this site actually allows many other operations, such as the conversion of documents into the most disparate formats, or the division of PDFs, or even their modification.
In short, it really is a do-it-all service for your documents.

Merge PDFs online with a Google Chrome extension

If you have to do this frequently, and maybe you need a solution that doesn’t take you a lot of time, I also point out this handy extension for Google Chrome (one of the best and fastest browsers of the moment) which is called: Merge PDF. This extension relies on the developer’s website and allows you to merge multiple files at the same time in a very short time.

per your health

Peryourhealth Portal To Pay Bills Online Easily

These days everyone has a mobile phone and laptop, and they use the internet to get an easy solution for anything. That’s why lots of people pay their medical, Insurance, electric bills online. Now time to tell you about peryourhealth bill payment portal. Per your health is a medical bill payment site, Any registered patient or user can pay their hospital dues bill easily by visiting Now you need to learn how to pay your bill online. Below you’ll see the variety of ways for you to conveniently pay your balance.

per your health

IIn such cases, PerYourHealth can help you in paying all your hospital costs in a very short span of time without paying high-interest rates. You can pay your bills through electronic payments.

Online Bill Payment At Peryourhealth

Prior to the beginning, you want to have some basic items to try to payment. you ought to have an email ID, valid bill statement by the hospital, or medical providers who accept payment via per your health. Follow the step-by-step process to pay your online bills.

  • At first, you would like to attach your computing system to the web.
  • Now, you’ve got to open the online browser.
  • Then, you’ve got to verify that the hospital will accept all the payments through Peryourhealth.
  • You’ll need to access
  • After that, you would like to seek out the login option, which might appear top right corner of the homepage.
  • Now, you’ve got to continue the login option button
  • Then, you’ll require a registered ID or peryourhealth access key.
  • Now, login together with your registration Id and password.
  • After that, pay your doctor’s bill and take the printout of it for further reference.
  • Besides this, whenever you’ve got to make a replacement account, you need an email id and also a mobile number. This helps you in paying your bills and on time.

Benefits of Per Your Health

Following are some benefits of Per Your Health which make this online billing platform reliable and trusted for others.

peryourhealth site

  • You can pay your bill securely with the help of your mobile phone, laptop, and computer.
  • Per Your Health is a certified, safe, and secure site that offers safe payment processing methods such as credit card, debit card, and Netbanking.
  • It covers helpful information about your insurance company.
  • Per your health offers you access your account, Pay Bill, and Send Messages.
  • You can also take the payment receipt after making a successful transaction.
  • You can also change the basic information and address of your account.

How To Find Out Who Is Looking for You Online

Until recently, only famous people were searched on the net or had to worry about it. Today this is no longer the case; it happens more and more often than ordinary and ordinary citizens are searched on the Web.

The reasons are many. For example, it is now common for many companies to check social networks and Google to search for information on candidates. There are also many who are looking for specific people on the net for the most diverse reasons.

Who Searches for You Online

Sometimes, simply to regain their contact, sometimes with less noble purposes. In our article, we will try to see how difficult it is to find out if someone is searching for us online and different ways to improve or change the public information they might find while searching online.

The image and reputation on the web of a person have become so important that for this reason companies have been created to check that it is good and to improve it.

First Step: Search for Your Name on Google

It seems a trivial thing but doing a search of our name on Google can give us a clear idea of ​​what is the data on our person that is available on the net. Normally, when you search for your name on the net, you rarely find your person immediately unless you have a particularly original name and it will be very likely that you will find a large number of homonyms. So our search is over? No, it is better to add our profession or the place where we live to our name.

So, for example, you can search for “Name” + profession than “Marco Rossi” + doctor, or “Name” + place of residence. It is a good idea to put the person’s name in quotes so Google will know that this is vital information.

How to Improve Your Online Reputation

If you don’t like what you find or find unedifying information on the first page of Google results that could compromise your reputation or hiring in some company, the best course of action is:

clean up your social profiles from compromising material (it is not worth defaming yourself);
create social pages on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with positive public content, which can undermine negative pages from the top places;
create a professional profile on LinkedIn with your updated resume;
finally, it is advisable to create a page with your name and surname on one of these free platforms: Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr. In which you can insert your CV and positive information about you.

Improve your reputation with Google Profile

Not everyone knows that, within the Google profile, there is an information section about us: this page is automatically filled in by Google but we can add information ourselves to enrich or modify it.

When people search for our name, Google will provide the information we have entered and will make the links to the relevant pages that we have indicated on Google Profile appear in the first positions.

So if you want to improve your reputation, in addition to following the advice above, it is worthwhile:

  • go to the Google Profile page;
  • log in with your Google account;
  • go to the “Information” section and press the “Add more information about you” button and then “Add Link”;
  • then add in this way one by one the social profiles, that of LinkedIn and to a possible blog in your name;
  • after arranging the other information, choose to make the information available to anyone, through the appropriate point.
  • At this point, when they search for you, it is very likely that Google will show this information instead of others that are wrong or do not represent us.

Monitor your Reputation with Google Alert

If you are afraid that new sites or pages will appear that talk about you, changing your reputation on the net, there is a Google tool that can be for you.


Looking for You Online

Google Alert is a handy tool that alerts us if the search engine indexes a new web page with the keyword we have indicated.

creating an Alert with our name is simple:

  • go to the service page;
  • log in with our Google account;
  • on the main page in the text field we insert our name in quotation marks (or our name and profession);
  • Click on the item “Show options”. We will be faced with useful parameters to customize the report according to your needs.
  • It will be possible to select the frequency with which you want to be updated, to which sources to restrict the search and to which geographical areas; once you have set everything you can click on “Create Notice”.

A “trap” to find out who is looking for you online

Normally it is not possible to know who is doing a given Google search, so neither is who is looking for your name.

However, it is possible to create a page with ours, perhaps with the Curriculum or projects and if our curious visitor tries to read it, you may know his IP address di lei. So you could find out his approximate geographic location of him and, for really serious cases, trace his identity of him by issuing an injunction to the provider through a judge.


How To Pay Medical Bills At QuickPayPortal

QuickPayPortal is Athena Health’s online payment system. Athena Health provides cloud-based services to medical providers. This means that they move the healthcare provider’s billing and other services online. QuickPayPortal can be used to pay your medical provider bills, including doctors and hospitals. You can also use the payment to message your providers and get prescription refills.


You can also view your statements, see exam results, and access educational materials through the QuickPayPortal. So we would like to help patient to pay their medical bills online @ using the statement id or quickpay code. We recommend you to follow the steps below and complete the medical bill payments.

Pay Medical Bills Through Quickpayportal

The method is simple and easy. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. Other than that you also need a quick pay code or access ID. These two things are provided by health care providers on the patient statements. Quick pay code enables you to find the accurate details of your medical record and bills. If you enter the wrong code, then you will get the wrong details.

To pay your medical bills, follow the steps below

  • Start the computer.
  • Connect to the internet.
  • Open the web browser.
  • Type in the address bar.
  • You will be directed to the home page.
  • At the homepage, there is a box naming quick pay code.
  • Take the patient statement out and get the quick pay code.
  • Enter the 15 digits quick pay code in the box.
  • Then hit the blue-coloured sign.

Quickpayportal designing

  • You will be directed to a page with details.
  • These details will include patient info, paid dues, and remaining dues.
  • Cross-examine the details with your statement.
  • After double-checking, proceed to payments.
  • Choose a payment method. You will have more than five options.
  • The payment options will include Visa Card, Master Card, American Express, Discover Card, Bank Transaction, and Money orders.
  • Enter your financial details and hit enter.
  • Your payment will be paid in a few seconds.

Advantages of Quickpayportal

  • The quickpayportal can be accessed at any time and anywhere in order to pay the bills.
  • Quick pay portal is very safe and secure to use and it provides complete safety for your information.
  • After paying through the quick pay portal the remaining balance will be easily listed on your bill
  • The patients can use the mobile or any other devices in order to pay the bills at any time.

Is It Safe To Pay Medical Bills Using The Quickpayportal?

Truly, it’s 100% protected and secure to pay hospital expenses utilizing the Quickpayportal. Additionally, the exchanges are done quickly within seconds. you’ll have instalment affirmation after the exchange is finished.

Missing Apps on Your iPhone

How to Find Hidden or Missing Apps on Your iPhone

Can’t find an app icon on your iPhone? Has an app disappeared from your device? Don’t worry, this has a solution. There are reasons for an app to disappear from the home screen of your iPhone, but if you have made sure that you have the app downloaded from the App Store and you do not see the icon, it may be the fault of one of the new features that came with iOS 14.

Missing Apps on Your iPhone

With iOS 14 came the App Library, a place located to the far right of the home screen where we have all the app icons. So if you can’t find an app on your iPhone, it is most likely in this place.

How to Recover Deleted Icon from iPhone

As we have mentioned, there are several reasons why an icon of an app such as WhatsApp or Instagram has disappeared from the home screen of your iPhone, although it is most likely that you can find it in the Apps Library, there are other possibilities.

Check that you have not deleted the app from the App Store

The first step is the most basic, but it is something that could have happened to all of us: we have accidentally deleted the app from the home screen of our iPhone. All you have to do is enter the App Store and manually search for the app.

If you see a small cloud next to the icon, it means that you accidentally deleted the app. If the Open app appears, it means that you have the word downloaded even if you cannot find the icon on the home screen of your iPhone.

Verify that you don’t have a hidden app page on your iPhone

One of the ways to recover the icon of an app that you have not deleted it from the hidden pages options of iOS. From iOS 14 we can hide an entire page of apps with all its icons, and it may be that on one of those pages the app that you have lost is found.

Settings icon missing

Just press and hold the iPhone screen until the icons start to vibrate. Now click on the small dots below, just above the dock. You will enter a new screen where all the app pages appear.

Those that are shown appear with a “tick” and those that are hidden appear empty. Simply click on the small circle below each page to stop being hidden and thus recover your app.

Enter the App Library and search

If this is not your case and the missing app is not on this page, what you should do is go to the App Library. Just swipe until you see the last page of the iPhone on the right. You will see a page with a bunch of icons organized by folders.

Press in the upper area to search for the lost app. Once you find the app icon, press and hold and drag it to the left to the home screen pages and place it where you prefer. If you see the icon you can also hold it down and tap Add to the home screen.

Prevent new apps from showing up on the home screen

You can prevent newly downloaded apps from going directly to the App Library as soon as you download them. There is a setting that allows putting an application on the iPhone screen immediately after downloading it. Follow these steps:

  • Enter the Settings of your iPhone.
  • Scroll down and enter the Home Screen section.
  • Under Recently downloaded apps check to Add to the home screen.

Hopefully, you were able to recover that missing icon from your iPhone for no apparent reason. It is possible that you accidentally deleted it, or that someone did it harmlessly.

Mirror iPhone or iPad to iMac

How to See iPhone or iPad Screen On Mac

Seeing the screen of our iPhone or iPad on the Mac is something that we may need on more than one occasion. Whether it’s to watch a series, play games on a bigger screen, or simply because we need the iPad or an iPhone screen to look on the Mac. Fortunately, we have two options to do so.

Mirror iPhone or iPad to iMac

How to Mirror iPad and iPhone screen on Mac

In order to reproduce the screen of our iOS device on the Mac, we have two options. We can use the cable and connect it to the computer, or we can use AirPlay and do it wirelessly. Although this last time, we will need an app on the Mac.

View iPhone or iPad on your Mac using a cable

If you use this option you will not have to download any additional app or program on your Mac, with what we already have installed is enough for us and we have plenty. Here are the steps to mirror your iPhone or iPad screen to Mac using a cable:

Connect your iPhone or iPad to the Mac with the charging cable.
Unlock the device and tap Trust this computer if the message appears.
Now on your Mac look for the QuickTime Player application.
In the top bar, click on File> New video recording.

  • You will see how the webcam starts.
  • Next to the record button, click on the little arrow that appears.
  • In the Camera, section select your iPhone or iPad.
  • You will automatically see your iPhone or iPad screen on your Mac.

This system is designed to record the screen of our iPhone or iPad, however, the sound of a video or movie does not play. Although it can be interesting when sharing the screen of our device from the Mac.

View iPhone or iPad on your Mac using AirPlay

The easiest way to mirror your iPhone or iPad screen is always using AirPlay. However, for some strange reason, Apple doesn’t have Macs turned on as AirPlay receivers.

iPod Touch Screen with Mac

That is, there is no way to activate AirPlay on the Mac so that it works similar to an Apple TV. But we do have applications that we can install on the Mac that activate AirPlay to be able to duplicate the screen of our iPhone or iPad on the Mac wirelessly.

These are the best applications to have AirPlay on your Mac, all of them can be tried for free, although then you have to pay to activate them:

  • AirServer: Free trial for 30 days. Available for Mac and Windows and priced from € 6.99.
  • X-Mirage: 15-day free trial. Available for Mac and Windows and priced at $ 16.
  • Reflector 3: Free trial for 7 days. Available for Mac, Windows, Android and FireTV and a price of € 19.36.

LonelyScreen was one of the most popular apps, but it doesn’t work on new versions of macOS, so until the developer updates it, we can’t recommend it.

Once you have one of these apps installed, you just have to start it on your Mac, and they will appear on your iPhone or iPad as AirPlay devices. Just follow these steps.

  • To mirror your iPhone or iPad screen on your Mac, slide out the Control Center, tap Screen Mirroring, and select your Mac.
  • To send a video, just click on the AirPlay icon and select your Mac.
  • To stop duplication just follow the same steps.

The good thing about using AirPlay is that everything is wireless and that we preserve the original audio. Which makes it perfect for sending videos and multimedia content from iPhone or iPad to Mac. My advice is to download the free versions and try which one works and then choose the best one.

Best Data Recovery Softwares

Best Data Recovery Softwares of 2021

No one is free to lose a file by accidentally deleting it, there are few things worse than accidentally deleting an important file, a vacation photo or video, or an important document you were working on. Fortunately, there are excellent applications to recover deleted files on Mac and Windows such as Recuva, EaseUS, and Wondershare Recoverit. And best of all, you can try many of these apps for free, especially Wondershare Recoverit.

Best Data Recovery Softwares

When we delete a file it goes directly to the trash, if it is still there, it is easily recoverable there but what happens if we have emptied the trash? In this case, the solution is not so simple, and to do it we will need specialized software.

Fortunately, we have several programs to recover any type of deleted file, and we specifically have 3 apps that are the best on the market.

The Best Apps to Recover Lost Files

In the market, there are different tools for recovering deleted data, and we have selected the ones that may be the best 3.

  • Wondershare Recoverit: Probably the most recommended app thanks to its high recovery success rate. With this recovery software, we can recover data not only from the hard drive of our Mac or PC but also from a USB memory that we have deleted, an SD card or another external device. We can recover almost any type of file deleted from our Mac or Windows.
  • Recuva: This software can recover images, music, documents, videos, emails or any other type of file that you have lost. It supports damaged hard drives and has an option to safely delete files forever. A very interesting app, which is only available for Windows.
  • EaseUS: A slightly more powerful tool that is more compatible with both Windows and Mac. It allows us to recover 2 GB of data for free and has a preview that allows us to see the deleted files before recovering them. In addition, it supports all types of partitions, including FAT, NTFS, Ext2 and Ext3 volumes.

The Best Choice: Wondershare Recoverit

Our choice if you want to recover a file deleted by mistake from your computer is Wondershare Recoverit, a very intuitive tool with many recovery possibilities.

To give you an idea, this is a list of files that Wondershare Recoverit is capable of recovering:

Documents : DOC / DOCX, XLS / XLSX, PPT / PPTX, PDF, CWK, HTML / HTM, INDD, EPS and many more.
Graphics: PG, TIFF / TIF, PNG, BMP, GIF, PSD, CRW, CR2, NEF, ORF, RAF, SR2, MRW, DCR, WMF, DNG, ERF, RAW, among many others.
Vídeo: AVI, MOV, MP4, M4V, 3GP, 3G2, WMV, ASF, FLV, SWF, MPG, RM/RMVB, etc.
Audio: AIF/AIFF, M4A, MP3, WAV, WMA, MID/MIDI, OGG, AAC y más.
Email: PST, DBX, EMLX among others.
Other files: ZIP, RAR, SIT, etc.

How to Recover Files with Wondershare Recoverit

The best thing about this software is its ease of use, we practically only have to follow the steps to recover any file that we have deleted from our Mac or Windows. These are the steps you must follow.

Step one: select disk

As soon as you start Wondershare Recoverit you will see a screen with the discs from which we can recover deleted files from our computer. A list appears with all the disks connected to the computer, you must choose the disk where your file was deleted by mistake. It may also ask you to give it access to the disk if it is protected.

Second step: we scan the disk

Best Free Data Recovery Software

Once we have selected the disk from which we want to recover the files, click on Start and then on Recover. Wondershare Recoverit will scan the chosen disk, or USB stick, for deleted files, photos and videos, it will probably take a few minutes so don’t worry about it.

Third step: recover deleted files

On the right side, you will see several routes with access to photos, videos, audio or documents. By clicking on each of them we will be able to access the deleted files and we will have a preview of them. To recover any of them we just have to open it and click on Recover.

It is also possible to select multiple files and retrieve them all at once. By clicking on Recover, we can choose a folder on our computer where to save the deleted files.

Wondershare Recoverit is probably the best application to recover deleted files from our PC or Mac and has a completely free trial version from which we can analyze our computer, hard disk, SD card or USB memory in search of the deleted files to verify that can be recovered.