How to Merge Multiple PDF Files Together Online

Merge Multiple PDF Files

How to Merge Multiple PDF Files Together Online

The PDF format is one of the most popular when dealing with business or study documents; therefore you will surely have encountered this type of extension at least once, perhaps in the office or in a university environment.

Merge Multiple PDF Files

It then happens that you have to edit a PDF, for example, to convert a PDF into Word format, unprotect a PDF, compress a PDF or merge multiple PDFs thus creating a single file; it is a very requested operation, and that often the most famous programs do not allow to carry out.

So let’s find out how to merge multiple PDFs online, in such a way as to carry out everything quickly and without having to resort to additional tools or apps to install on your devices.

iLovePDF PDF to Merge PDFs Online

One of the best sites online to merge PDFs is iLovePDF; it is a platform that allows you to manage your PDFs in a very complete way, allowing many operations, including creating PDFs from images, splitting PDFs, converting documents into images, and much more.

Obviously, there is the possibility of merging multiple PDFs, an operation that is already visible on the homepage under the relative item Merge PDF; then all that remains is to upload your documents (even from cloud services such as Google Drive and Dropbox), wait for the operation and then save the new file.
iLovePDF is a free platform, but by signing up for the premium plan you will have access to exclusive features such as having access to the history of uploaded documents and other interesting features.

Smallpdf – Website to Merge 2 or more PDFs

Another very valid service for joining multiple PDF files online is Smallpdf, which allows you to quickly and intuitively compress into a single PDF file.
In fact, the operation simply involves connecting to the site, uploading the documents following the click on the Choose file button (also from cloud services), click on Merge PDF after establishing the order, and finally wait for the outcome of the function.

Hipdf – Merge, Split, Convert PDF files Directly Online

Finally, I would like to point out Hipdf, another convenient service for managing your documents.
It is a really intuitive platform, and the operation is practically similar to that seen for the previous sites; in fact, just click on Select file loading the documents, wait for the operation and then save everything to the path that suits you best.

Merge PDF Online

It should also be noted that this site actually allows many other operations, such as the conversion of documents into the most disparate formats, or the division of PDFs, or even their modification.
In short, it really is a do-it-all service for your documents.

Merge PDFs online with a Google Chrome extension

If you have to do this frequently, and maybe you need a solution that doesn’t take you a lot of time, I also point out this handy extension for Google Chrome (one of the best and fastest browsers of the moment) which is called: Merge PDF. This extension relies on the developer’s website and allows you to merge multiple files at the same time in a very short time.

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